Wisconsin Local Electrical Union 127


Welcome to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 127 which represents 200 plus members of the electrical trade throughout Southeastern Wisconsin.

Kenosha is a vibrant and growing community. It is the goal of our Union to keep up with the constant changes in our area and to be one of its leaders. We have continuously provided the finest education and training for our union members and we will continue to work to provide excellence in education assuring the highest quality of skilled electricians, installers, apprentices and technicians in our industry.

It is the mission of the IBEW to ensure all members of Local Union 127 are well trained and to have a workplace environment that ensures fairness, security, safe working conditions and an ever improving standard of living.

So, as we move forward, I hope you will visit this site regularly. See how we actively support our community, our Local, and our educational goals. I also encourage everyone to attend our monthly Union meetings and become involved by contributing your ideas and time. This is your Local and your future - contribute often and contribute well - Brotherhood is about being the best we can be.

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